Quality Components
F. D. Lake's commitment to chain sling safety begins with our selection of the highest quality grade 8 and grade 10 alloy chain and fittings for chain slings fabricated at our facility.  Only components which pass exhaustive quality control, inspection and testing procedures are acceptable.
Test Certificates and ID Tags
Per OSHA requirements, each chain sling we fabricate is identified with a permanent steel tag that shows:
the chain grade and size, sling reach, working load limit, serial number, and our name as fabricator.
We also provide a Certificate of Test and Chain Sling Inspection Record Card for each chain sling.
The Certificate contains all of the information provided on the identification tag, plus the Proof Test Load as required by OSHA regulations.  All
F. D. Lake chain slings meet or exceed applicable ASTM, NACM, OSHA, and ANSI/ASME requirements.
OSHA Requirements
OSHA requires that "Each day before being used, the sling and all fastenings and attachments shall be inspected for damage or defects by a competent person designated by the employer. Additional inspections shall be performed during sling use, where service conditions warrant. Damaged or defective slings shall be immediately removed from service." Section 1910.189(e)(3)(i) also states that "...a thorough periodic inspection of alloy steel chain slings in use shall be made on a regular basis..." and that "Such inspections shall in no event be at intervals greater than once every 12 months."
Chain Sling Inspections
A complete chain sling survey not only assures compliance with OSHA standards, but will reduce risk of injury, help uncover unsafe or destructive rigging or sling handling practices and reduce costly downtime by identifying weak or damaged slings before they fail.
Trained, qualified F. D. Lake field inspectors are available to perform thorough chain sling surveys at your facility or job site. Fees are $300 for a full day inspection and $150 for a half day inspection. If desired, other slings and lifting devices can be inspected at that time.
Inspection Criteria
First a sling is compared to the information on it's
ID tag or previous inspection record to insure positive identification.  Slings without tags can be tagged on site and certified for a nominal charge.
The sling's location, serial number, type, size, and reach are recorded on a survey work sheet.
Chain links and fittings are checked for stretch, wear, deformation, cracks, gouges, corrosion pitting, or welding burn. A wear gauge will show if a link is worn, gouged or stretched beyond safe limits.
Hooks will be rejected if the throat is stretched more than 15% over original specifications, or if it is twisted more than 10° from its original plane. Unsafe slings are noted on the work sheet, and the defects recorded.
Survey Report
When the survey is completed, our field inspectors will meet with a designated company representative to review the results of the survey.  Defective slings will be tagged or removed from the site for repair or destruction in accordance with the customer's preferences.
After the survey, we will provide a written report which details each sling's location, serial number, type, size, reach, status (i.e. OK, repair or replace), special attachments, defects of unsafe slings and other pertinent notes.  The report is accompanied by a letter confirming OSHA/MIOSHA inspection compliance.  We can also include a quote for repair or replacement of defective slings.
Free Chain Sling Certification School
To further promote safe lifting, F. D. Lake now offers the only factory authorized alloy chain sling certification school in Western Michigan.
Classes are conducted by a Campbell Chain instructor at our Grand Rapids facility approximately every six to eight weeks.
The course will cover chain grades, identification, maintenance, lifting theory, OSHA/MIOSHA requirements and other related topics.  The class will wrap up with a "hands on" sling inspection.  Students receive a Certification Certificate upon completion of the one day program.
Call 800-442-9189 or click here for the dates of the next scheduled class sessions.  For detailed class information, click here.  To reserve a spot in an upcoming class, please call 800-442-9189 or click here to E-mail us your request.
Our report represents a professional opinion as to the condition of the inspected slings and equipment at the time of the inspection.  By this inspection,
F. D. Lake accepts no liability for the results of the future care and use of the inspected slings and equipment.
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